i♡NY but

dear all

i will leave NY for idaho on the 1st of December as my boyfriend will be working there for a few months. so we are going to live there until he finishes his job. everything would be so different and exciting over there..

and i want to mention this- i’ll be the next ‘pilot’ for this project “the uniform project” Dec 1 – 31, 2010.  and will raise lots of money for kids and music. and spread fun and love and light. and have fun and connect with you. so please follow.

from DECEMBER 1.

everyday for 31 days

sending love from idaho.




the uniform projectというプロジェクトで、12/1〜31まで「パイロット」を務めます。31日間で、子供たちと音楽のためにお金をたくさん集めて寄付するという、一大プロジェクトです。

創作とは、本当は何を創ることなのか。とりあえず、私は12月いっぱい世界にLOVE & LIGHTを、ちょっとずつ届ける宣言をここにします。



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