drive back to NY without Kaya

i tried to imagine in order to calm myself down – maybe i could have some pets again if i miss her too much in ny, but at the same time i realize it is never going to work.  we had to leave idaho to ny without kaya since she had had issues to live in ny as a happy dog. she couldn’t have one peaceful run there since she got attacked by other dogs.  we decided to let her live in the country so that she could run any time every day.  it was not a easy decision for us. but we really did it because we really love her.

dear my girl

i know you noticed that something would happen when we were packing, sorry for making you anxious again. please be good, enjoy the nature, feel peace, sleep well,  play with your buddy, and run as much as you want.  please don’t feel lonely, there’s always someone who cares about you nearby ok? and please know that we are coming to see you soon and hopefully live together again not too far.  yes we will definitely come get you back some time. then lets go for walk and run and do everything together.. looking forward to doing it baby.  thank you for you beautiful.

love always  aki




Driving back to ny

Day1, fullmoon night

Norris, Montana



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