my permaculture



November 2012, I moved upstate NY from NYC.  I love NYC – the culture, people, and creations have actually inspired me everyday.

I liked the energy of city while I lived there, and at the same time I had become sensitive about how the city energy effected me.  Like what is my hope, happiness, richness, beauty, consciousness, health, goodness, fight, no fight, being, …

We can’t judge the city energy itself because the energy is able to have the meaning when having the relationship with us, which is the energy for us. I just chose the country energy to have the relationship with the country, for myself.

I think we can’t and don’t have to judge what is right and wrong about anything but the important thing is to pursue and know the things what we feel right, like, dislike – about inside ourselves. I wanted to have the time each moment but I noticed that having the time being conscious of them was getting less in the city unconsciously than being in the country.  It was because I easily reacted to the energy outside of myself, which was the time being conscious of outside.  Then I thought that there might be the better way of having the kind of time for me in the country.

The life here is very simple. My life style in the city – I ‘felt’ so busy with giving and taking complicated energies around – does not work out here. But here, the order of priority changes whether I like it or not. I have to think of the way of warming up the house, the way of keeping the plants healthy, the time of ‘richness’ without overwork, eating healthy and feeling good. And it is also a life that you can’t ignore the animals, nature, and weather everyday. Very simple but also the sense, experience and resources affect a lot. And this situation does not let you ignore your feelings any more.

I met the method of permaculture in the city and knew by intuition what I had really wanted to do should be in it.  Moving to the country and the permaculture life there would give a real power to my art. But I certainly do not deny the city. And what I chose was the relationship between me and the environment, not the environment itself. I felt that the relationship I wanted to make now would be in the country.
In 2012, many kinds of energies were created and conflicted each other in Japan where I was born, United States where I live, and all over the world. The new energies were born from it again and I felt so much that people had many moments to think of the past, future and present.
Now what I hope is, In 2013, I want to create my everyday in order to make the relationship between me and my environment beautiful, with the consciousness.
Thank you, 2012 !

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