First summer upstate NY


Since we moved upstate NY in fall 2012, we have been learning and practicing permaculture.  I wrote why I wanted to change my lifestyle and got into permaculture before, and it’s been about six months now. So I would like to start writing about my life a little by little intending to send out the concept of my creation “NOW” to the universe – NOW is my art project going on since 2011 and this whole upstate life has been the next step, but the concept has been getting even stronger.

The life here in our first winter was almost all about how to survive in this cold weather, each day was serious especially everything was new for us (and the house is almost 200yrs old farm house!). Trying to be warm anyway, all we could do was simply finding the ways of living here “happily” which also made us keep thinking what exactly the happiness was at each moment.

After the last frost passed which was in the middle of May, the change of the view around the property was just dramatic. All the creatures started expressing their joy to live and things going on seemed very simple. I guessed they must have felt the sun and felt the wind and felt each other’s life all of the sudden, and felt good. There were full of energies of joy, no fears or worries.
Now it’s our first summer here. The view still keeps on changing. We are working on our permaculture garden outside, so many to learn and practice. So yes, I really love this life in nature so far but at the same time I don’t want to be too hard on myself either since that’s not what I want at each moment. I chose this life because I wanted to create happiness and experience joy rather than being conscious of fears and avoiding them. There are many difficulties anywhere anyway, so if I faced on some difficulties, I would take it easy and try to prioritize this moment. Sustainability is based on thinking of the universe, taking care of the universe, loving the universe- that exactly and directly means loving myself. What I can do now is only what I can do. But also those abilities can change and vary eventually. So I think of sustainability with my own measure first listening to my heart, whether I could be happy with it for long term rather than trying to get the best solution for the whole world directly. Because I believe that it is impossible to make the world happy without making myself happy, taking care of and loving myself. Because I am a piece of the universe, and also just a part of the universe.  So as you.
I chose this life which is to create sustainable happiness. Because I wanted to be a sustainable being and wanted to be aware that I was a sustainable spirit. So does the universe.
I am an artist, but might be not an “artist” you think of- no matter what/how all the “artists” are supposed to create. But I am, because I am the creator of joy with consciousness.  So as the universe.

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