Medicinal/Edible Weed 1 (summer)

The other day, I finally participated in the foraging walk which I dreamed for a while. Since I started studying about wild edible/medicinal weeds and herbs on my own, I have had a hard time to identify plants with only books and online infos so I was excited to be taught by a specialist in person. And the teacher was an amazing wild herbalist Aemen Bell and she introduced many medical/useful plants in this neighborhood and described how to actually use them and nourish yourself.

Today I tried to find those plants in my yard, and found some of them. So I want to share those awesome tips. I don’t have a camera now so did quick drawings which is not so good to identify for you, so please make sure with looking up pictures on your own carefully.


Good for a rash from poison ivy and any kind of bug bites. Simply break the stem and you will see it has a hole in the center like a tube. Rub the inside moisture part on your rash/bites. Or steep and make tea out of it and freeze it, then you can put the ice cube on your skin.
The bottom of stem/root is red, and has some knots. Leaves are light/bright green and sometimes have orange flowers. It can become very tall like human height. Possibly survives nearby poison ivy.


The leaves are good for lymph, cold and flu. Flowers are also good for flu, helps to sweat. Steep for an hr and make tea.
Also this tea is good for bad menstrual cramps. You can drink before your period or even the whole month.


This cute little heart shape must be familiar looking, they are actually edible! Has sweet and nice sour taste, and vitamin C. Toss them in your regular salad and enjoy the extra sweet hearts.

I’ll look for other plants later and update.  There must be lots more for sure.
Thank you – Aemen Bell

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