Medicinal/Edible Weed 2 (summer)

These are from my own search, and some are from the class of Aemen Bell!

Tiger Lily

lily-wcactually the flowers are more orange like below:)P1110226

I was eating these leaves from our yard way before the flowers came out because seems like it becomes toxic when they are big.  I heard they can be stir fried or some said even raw but for me it was so tough and fibery even they were still young.  But generally people say edible and you can eat the unopened buds/flowers too. They have a peppery flavor. And if you dig the roots, you will get the tubers which is also edible raw/cooked.




I finally found nettles in my yard! Had never been able to find any but I’m glad I kept looking. They still look like babies so possibly more will come later?  Why I was looking for this was nettles are super nutritious, lots of iron, magnesium and calcium, almost more than any other vegetables! So make tea out of the leaves, then it’s good for menstrual cramps. This tea is also great for pregnant women! Good for skin, hair, and fatigue as well. Besides tea- soup, dressing, baked dish, etc!




Now I see this plant most in our yard. A few months ago I was eating these leaves when they were still babies but I didn’t really like the taste so I kind of forgot about it. But I heard a wonderful tip from Aemen about plantain- this is good for any kind of bug bites. Pick a leaf up and chew it in your mouth, and then put it on your itchy part as bandage.  If you eat the leaves, it’s good for your stomach and helps digestion.


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