Garden Kimchi

Love this hugerkultur, but the chinese cabbages are now getting crazy.. so decided to make kimchi.


Blooming, which means it’s passed the harvest time.  But I go for it anyway.


2.5 lb of beautiful chinese cabbage,


5 oz of Japanese mini daikon (icicle daikon),

P1110331 P1110335


handful chives & mint,


1/4 cups course sea salt
1 tbs ground ginger
1 tbs ground garlic
4 tbs ground cayenne, chili, cumin, paprika
4 tbs honey
4 tbs fish sauce
After 2hrs of soaking chinese cabbage in salt water, rinse & squeeze off the water well and mix with the rest of ingredients above.  Then divide it to half & half –
1 ground apple goes into a half
1/8 mushed melon goes into the other half
Let it sit for 1-2 wks.
With the crazy chinese cabbage flowers behind.
Open the lid once a day.

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