Medicinal/Edible Weed 3 (summer)

Lamb’s Quarters



Finally found it in my yard!  I love lamb’s quarters.  The leaves are cute diamond/almost triangle shape.  Make salad with simple kind of dressings  (I like vinegar, olive oil, honey and salt) and let it sit for a few hours, then you can enjoy its taste like young bananas.  But supposedly they have some oxalic acid so eating small quantities is recommended- which I didn’t know and was eating a lot before just because loved this rich taste.  If you cook by steaming, frying, and adding in soups, then it removes the acid.




Fresh leaves are good for burns/itchy skin if you put them on.  Chewing them helps to clear your mind and good for fatigue.  Make tea out of the leaves and it helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.  As Chinese/Japanese medicinal uses, they make Moxas for the good menstrual conditions.  My wonderful acupuncturist Katherine Rosko sometimes uses Moxas for my treatment.  It smells really good and relaxing.  I’m sure that her treatment is not about this but it’s also said- since it is an energetic plant, Mugwort has some magical uses.  If you smoke or put it under your pillow, it is supposed to help for prophetic dreams.  If you hang it in your room, removes unwelcome energies.  It’s feminine in nature, and the element of the earth.  Mugwort, she knows how to be a woman.

There are many in my yard but all over in Japan too.  It’s called Yomogi in Japanese.  Make yomogi mochi/rice, tea, tincture and eat raw.  But be careful not to keep taking more than 1 wk in a row, it might cause nervous problems.


Red Clover



This pink/purple clover is also edible.  Tastes sweet as salad but you can also stir fry it and eat a lot.  Dried flowers are great as tea and fresh ones are good as tincture but use only clean flowers.  It cleanses your blood, and infused apple cider vinegar is good for lung.  Helps fertility and pregnant women should not take red clover.

Some informations are from my own search, and some are from awesome nutritional counselor Luis Mojica & herbalist Aemen Bell – Thank you !


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