Drawing Booklet – Published by Nieves

Reunion”  Aki Goto        published by Nieves

16 Pages, 11.2 x 17.8 cm, b/w Offset, First Edition, 2013 Supplement to Zug Magazine Issue #5


Go to the page about this book at Nieves &  Utrecht  ユトレヒト


Reunion is a series of portraitures of arbitrarily selected people drawn with a single stroke of a ballpoint pen. Although the subjects are fictitious and there are no relationships between them, the title Reunion can automatically create their relationships and histories within the minds of those viewers who see the title and drawings together. Yet by drawing each portrait using only one stroke, the resulting single-line portraits are flimsy in both appearance and meaning. In taking her time to draw using this specific simple technique, Aki Goto is attempting to pursue a kind of Reality, Right or Wrong, the meaning of Relationships in the universe, and the relationship between Time and Existence.

『Reunion (同窓会)』–  このドローイング集は、架空の人物をモデルにしたポートレイト集です。ここに登場する人物は、それぞれボールペンの一筆描きにより描かれました。 彼らは架空の人物なので、そこに人間関係は存在しません。しかしこの集合を『同窓会』と呼ぶことにより、自動的に、見る側の想像の内で人間関係やその歴史が築かれる可能性が生まれます。これを通し、また同時に一筆書きという手法を通して後藤輝が目指したのは、淡白さ・抑揚のなさの重層の中に真意を見出すこと、それは弱さ・軽薄の享受を意味します。そしてその先にある問い :真実とは、正誤とは、この宇宙における全ての関係性、時と存在の関係性とは – – –  について、見る側が思考・意識する場をこのブックレットに設けたいという後藤の意が込められています。

Aki Goto is a multimedia artist based in New York. Her ongoing project NOW explores the relationships with her past, present, and future (with particular emphasis on the present) through the use of a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, video, clothing, and sound. At present she is broadening her knowledge in permaculture while constantly trying to develop her concept of NOW at every moment. 





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