Medicinal / Edible Weed 4 (summer)




I haven’t seen it in my yard yet but just saw A LOT at/nearby Kaaterskill Falls in Palenville. And the photo is my neighborhood; at Woodstock Comeau Property where Aemen Bell and Loui Mojica had a foraging walk class.
If you break this stem, you will see the milky latex inside.  This is good for warts, moles, and ringworms.  American indians took milkweed roots tea as laxative & diuretic for kidney stones.  But I heard that it would be potentially toxic so I would not take as internal use.




“Gobo” in Japanese.  We sowed the Japanese kind in our garden and they are getting very big now.  Leaves and roots have each medicinal/culinary uses.   Leaves are good for your skin rash and allergy, directly rub it on your skin.  You can eat it, but has a bitter taste and some of my friends could not eat it at all(I liked it with steak:).  Roots are delicious- but wait till fall to dig!   Choose the ones without flowers because you want to eat only a young one like first year (photo above has flowers).   Eat the roots raw / cooked / stir-fried.  You can also make tincture/tea out of it ; this is used as a blood purifier, good for digestion, and helps sweating.  Tincture could effect a few days faster than tea.

Yellow Dock (Curly Dock)



The leaves are shinier, darker and skinner than burdock.  One of the best plants for digestion.  Make tea / tincture then you can take it everyday but some say large quantities possibly cause diarrhea / gastric disturbance.   It’s also good for pregnant women.  Works as blood cleanser, purifier, and builder. It tones the entire system especially when combined with Red Clover, Burdock, Cleavers, and Barberry.  It has high vitamin C and iron compounds – one of the best blood builders.  Excellent cleanser of lymphatic system and good for all skin problems.


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