Making Bug Spray & Soothing Salve

One of the problems living upstate is BUG BITES.  Mosquitos, ticks, spiders, fleas, flies, and many other unknown creatures.  I usually put this homemade repellent on my whole body every time I go outside.  It works and smells good but it’s very mild so I have to spray like every half an hour.  It’s a destiny of the safe natural medicine I guess.


Bug Repellent

Directions :

For 10 oz (30ml) spray bottle

Fill the bottle with the rubbing alcohol or witch hazel until the neck.

Add 20-30 drops total of these essential oils – citronella / sweet orange / eucalyptus.  Shake well.

 – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – –

But still there are many chances to get bites. The other day, I got bitten by something on my foot.  Might be a spider, or wasp, I couldn’t tell.  The itch got insane like the itchiest thing in the world and got swollen bad and burning inside like crazy.  I wanted to scream the whole time but instead I did this-P1110630This leaf is plantain.  I was taught this bandage technique by Aemen.  Stopped the itch right away.  I was really amazed how fast and good it was soothing faster than any chemicals I’ve had before.  I went shopping with this style happily but also noticed that not so easy for everyone to do this especially in the city, and especially on the face (or just anywhere).  And then my acupuncturist Kate told me to make salve out of plantain leaves so that I could keep putting it on anytime anywhere.  Great idea.. So I did it.

I decided to mix plantain and jewel weed (this is also effective for rash from poison ivy which we’ve got a lot here!).

Soothing Salve for Skin Itch & Rash

Ingredients : 7-8 cups of fresh jewel weed (stems and leaves) & plantain leaves

2 cups of olive oil

3-4 oz of bees wax

10 drops of each essential oil – lavender / sweet orange / peppermint (mainly for the fragrance and cooling so whatever you like/have is fine)

a few drops of vitamin E oil (as preservation)
Directions :
Simmer (try not to boil) olive oil and plants in the pan for about 1hr and let it sit for several hrs.
Drain the plants out and bring it back to simmer, then add bees wax.
When bees wax got totally melted, turn off the heat and add essential oils.After about 10 mins (when it becomes not too hot), pour in small tins or glass bottles which is easy to carry with you.P1110638Keep them in the fridge when you don’t use.
Works good.  Actually much better than store bought natural ones.
You can do this if making is too much for you.  Soothes great while you have it on.

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