Words of Plantain

– from the book  “Plant Spirit Medicine” by Eliot Cowan

a gift from my lovely friend Nicky

For the first time I am dreaming with a plant.  English plantain is growing here, and I see a young woman with enormous wings sprouting from her shoulders.  Somehow I know she is the plantain spirit.  I approach her and introduce myself.  She asks why i have come.

“First of all, ” I reply, “I want to thank you for the help you have given my friends and me over the years.  Your leaves have healed many wounds.  I come to visit you to ask for another kind of help, a deeper kind.  The cuts and scrapes of my people are nothing compared to the pain in our hearts and the pollution in our minds.  Can you help relieve this kind of suffering too?”

The plantain woman hops off her leaf and flies close to me.  For a moment she hovers in front of my face and looks intently into my eyes.  Then she smiles and says, “Of course, I will help you. My brothers and sisters will help you also.  We are very happy to do this.  In fact, we have been waiting for two hundreds years for someone to ask us for this kind of help. We can do nothing unless we are asked.”

This English Plantain is not the exact same kind as the plantain in the picture above (soothing salve / medicinal use) but they have quite common characters.  And they have the same spirit which all the plants and elements in this universe have as well.

It includes me and you also.
Earth is a forest.
Then you and I are a worm and mosquito,
your nose, brain, and heart are a leaf, pollen, and mushroom,
and your past, present, and future is sun, dew, and wind.
Self-healing is a simple explanation and experience of the unity.
It is literally logical and naturally magical.

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