Medicinal / Edible Weed 5 (summer)

White Pine



This soft pine (right in the picture) called White Pine has less harsh than hard pines (left in the picture) so you can use as internal medicines which tastes mild and acts quickly. I just transplanted some baby trees in our yard from the neighborhood!
Its leaves contain lots of Vitamin C so chew & spit it up to take it.  It is used for coughs, sore throats, bronchitis and flu.  Also reduces inflammation.
To make tea/warm compression, remove the needle leaves carefully from the branches and put it in a pot with water twice as much as leaves. Bring it to boil, and turn off the heat and let it sit for 20 min.  If you make infused oil out of the leaves, putting it on your chest is good for your lung.
White Pine carries smoke out and purifies the air too.


St. John’s Wort



I am dying for finding this in my yard but not yet so the picture is at my neighborhood.  You can use the entire plants but the little yellow flowers are the most magical part.  As tea or tincture, oil, it helps for depression, anxiety, headache, loss of appetite, insomnia, fatigue, etc.  It heals the nerve system and works for your emotions suppressed for long.  The oil is good for burns and muscle aches and it’s even said to be used as sunscreen. But there is also a contrary belief that it causes the sun sensitivity- that’s interesting.  Since St. John’s Wort is a mental/spiritual protection plant, I assume that it works depending on what your body and heart are really wanting, no matter what your ‘thought’ does.  So if you think you get sun sensitivity from it, it might be just sunburn which St. John’s Wort worked for you to tune your body/heart conditions to the healthy position using the energy of sun.  And sunscreen character vise versa…  this is totally my guess and hope though.  I thought it would be fascinating to find out what your body, heart and soul actually need leaving up to plants.




Tiny star shaped leaves a file with white flowers at the top.  Tea made from cleavers can heal your skin- heal scabby conditions, scrapes and cuts. You can use as a hair rinse to fight dandruff as well.  Drinking it is good for your liver, kidneys and lymph which means this is blood purifier.  Experimentally, extracts lower blood pressure so could be good for hypertension.  As I wrote about Yellow Dock before, combination of  Cleavers,  Red Clover, Yellow Dock, Burdock, and Barberry tones the entire system.


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