Today’s Our Permaculture Garden 2

Now in the middle of the summer. Garden is full of lives.  Greens, flowers, butterflies, worms and bees.


Corns may be taller than the tallest person in the world.


Fennel.  Or dill.  Mixed up but I’ll figure it out later.  But I bet it’s fennel.


Peppers are still baby.


Burdock (Gobo), and Borage.  Borage is great with almost anything(good companion).  Flowers are edible and attracts many beneficial insects.


Healthy kale and injured kale.



We try not to deal with bug/any problems this year observing and knowing what kind of things can really happen in the garden.

Our dog eats some specific kinds of leaves too. There must be some energy talks going on between plants and her which I can’t hear.  Kaya, our dog often goes to one cucumber spot and eats the leaves just tiny bites but she doesn’t go to every one, only goes to the certain kinds. Our cats eat weeds too but are more about animals.  And they don’t really choose, like Kaya does.  I wonder what kind of  energy talks are going on, or no talks.

Squash grows so fast. This got almost too big after a few hours of this picture.


Buckwheat (Soba) flowers with Squash.  We sowed buckwheat as nutrition for soil (crop earlier and spread on top of the soil) but since we observed too long, now they are blooming and I guess we will observe them making seeds.  I guess we make soba then.



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