Time with Jewelweed

We have lots of Jewelweeds growing in our yard.  The name of Jewelweed came from these rain drops / morning dew because of their water repellent leaves.

The liquid in Jewelweed’s stem heals the itch of your skin from poison ivy.   I made the magical salve with Jewelweeds and Plantains which really works for any kind of itch, cuts, burns, wounds, and your <3.
These orange flowers are edible!
And… they have started having these seed pots. Seeds are also edible and it tastes nutty and so good if you roast them. The ones in the picture is still young, you want to wait for one more or a couple of days from this.  When the pots look full, it’s time to pick. But you will be surprised- the full pots are so ready to pop, like seriously pop. Even if you touch gently, the seeds inside pop out the pots and disappear.  It’s very amazing how far and fast they jump away, but now I want to collect more than being amazed by that so i’ve been having serious moments these days.
What I’ve got so far.   Picking / fighting time 30min a day, for 4 days.   I’ve been roasting and storing 15 seeds everyday.

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