Our permaculture garden and yard have been changing all the time.   Now we see the beautiful changes day by day.


The garden will be over for this year very soon.  These yellow sticks are cucumbers missed by everyone.  Be there.


Fennel and Dill.  They are still growing.fennelanddill

Shungiku.  Leaves are very delicious as salad or cooked.  The flowers are edible too but have strong good-for-you taste.  So I am making tincture out of it, must be good for your something.


Carrots.  White one is a wild carrot, tastes like parsnips. DELICIOUS

regularand wildcarrot

Wild carrots – the roots of Queen Anne’s Laces.  The leaves look just like carrots’.  First/second year of it is edible, pick the ones not having flowers.


Winter squash and Shiso.  Shiso is having lots of flowers and seeds now, will be over soon.


 Many lives are dying at this point.  Seeing them, it feels like dying does not only mean “the end”, but a part of its rhythm and a process of developing its spirit, so they need it.  So as our deaths.  It is probably the same as getting sleepy at night, crying when you are sad, or breathing a sigh when frustrated, or even exhaling after inhaling.




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