Dandelion root coffee is known as coffee substitute not only for people who don’t want to take caffein but also works for your liver health and  works as a laxative.  When I had menstrual cramps, the herbalist Aemen Bell recommended me to take dandelion root tea.  My acupuncturist Katherine Rosko also told me that I should focus on making blood when I have cramps (it’s my case, always depends on people). So taking dandelion root, which works for your liver, makes sense.  If your liver works good, it can make much blood and flows well in your body.  That activity keeps your body warm so at least that aspect sounds good for constipation too.

Now it’s the season to dig dandelions, and make coffee.


Wash well,


cut it fine and roast it.  Be careful not to burn like I did.


I steeped it for several minutes.  The hot water’s color turned out to dark brown but not like coffee black.  Tasted funny as coffee, but it was good thinking as toasty soup or something so felt like some salt should be added in.  Tasted closer to shiitake soup, noticing it was because I burned it though.  So I decided to toss the rest in miso soup for dinner, so it ended up with making miso soup a very special one.

Probably wild burdock like this could be great coffee substitute too.  Supposedly chicory root works as well.  Please try if you see them around because I won’t.  I just love the taste of dark caf coffee for now more than drinking shiitake soup every morning.



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