What I think and feel while I do this

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I have been seriously studying about flower essence, especially since the garden started sleeping until next spring. And I am often asked by people why flower essence, so I’d like to talk about the reason here.

There are so many ways of natural healing and I have been into that world for years.  Then I chose flower essence, and there is only a reason why I’m studying specifically flower essence.

Because wild flower (flower essence’s main ingredient) is one of the most attracting being nearby me now. They exist all over, they live here and there, their accurate powers are still unknown by us but they might know what we want to know and what we can’t know. I really feel they do, at least more than we human beings do.
I’m loving my life even though it sometimes sucks. And I love my life that I could feel the flowers attraction. They may or might’ve made me realize about something I want when my life sucks because flowers have been already telling us so in many situations through their vibrations.
Flower essence is just one of the thousands of natural healing methods on the earth, and it might not be the most amazing way to heal us comparing to other ways but I really don’t care that point because I simply want to realize something that I want for this life, with the wonder of something that I am attracted now. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or not. It’s just that my heart tells me what is right for my life now.
In addition to talking about the reason I chose flower essence, I want to say this out loud- it really doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is doing what truly responses to you. You live your life. Don’t let the things you do live your life. If I feel that flower essence bothers my life and myself, I can say fuck flower essence as much as I want. They let you. Because they don’t care what you say. They just know what you are. What you want. And how you feel. About the truth. No matter how you express, honesty is right there in your heart. And flowers could just vibrate with it without words.
To all the artists and everyone, the point you focus on most shouldn’t be what you do, or how long you do it, or how much you do it, if you ever feel stuck with what you do. You can quit, change, start new, and quit and start again.  That’s literally a process, a quality of your life towards your happiness.  I believe that honesty is the consistency. That’s the real material to create. Too hard to choose it? Could be a lot easier than the other if it’s honest honesty.
I might be into something else next year. Because I will live my next year’s life then, which I might have no idea. Just like my dog is into sitting on the couch now but she might change her favorite place later. She chooses what she wants then by using her feeling, good for her. I feel that flower sees us like that, and so does the universe; what a small matter.  So I won’t let the thing I do live my life, it’s a matter, not me.  I am the one who lives my life. Now I’m living my life feeling the wonder of flower essence, and this nature.
Thank you flower for your being at this moment, from the bottom of my heart.
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