Dandelion Mango Pesto

photoHere comes a foraging season again!  I’d like to introduce one of my power plates today- simple, nutritious and very delicious.

I picked lots of dandelion leaves (and flowers) and made up this Wild Pesto – and noticed that this was very good for pregnant women, as well as high cholesterol, nurturing liver, kidneys, skin, constipation… etc!  Picking one by one is a fun exercise and it is literally a real nutritious super food which provides this fresh spring energy.

DANDELION PESTO with FUSILLI PASTA  [ for  5-6 servings ]

Basic Ingredients :

  1. Fresh Dandelion Leaves, with some roots / full of a BIG bowl
  2. Parmesan Cheese / 2 cups, ground
  3. Walnut / handful
  4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil / 2 cups
  5. Garlic / 8-10 cloves 
  6. Mango / 1, small, ripe
  7. Lemon Juice /  1/4, squeezed
  8. Nettle / handful
  9. Whole Grain Fusilli Pasta

Additional (if you feel it’s too bitter, try adding these) :  maple syrup / honey, salt, apple cider vinegar, greek yogurt on the side

photo 1wash the dirt off!

Directions :

Blend all ingredients except pasta adding in a food processor a little by little.  Taste it, and adjust with some additional ingredients (see above) if necessary.  Cook the Whole Grain Pasta in lots of boiling water with lots of salt.  After you strain the pasta out, mix with the pesto (2-3 tbs / serving) very well.  And, Itadakimasu!

photo 2

photo 5

photo 4


Many Reasons Why Dandelion Mango Pesto with Whole Grain Pasta Is Great For Pregnancy

– rich in folic acid (raw)
– rich in PABA  (prevents skin discoloration)
– rich in iron (both leaves and roots)
– rich in calcium (more than milk)
– helps the whole circulations (helps for varicose veins)
– prevents constipation

– rich in calcium
– lactose-free (digestible)

– rich in omega 3    – rich calcium and magnesium prevent backache    – vitaminE & B-complex, iron, minerals, antioxidants


– vitamin E and K
– prevents constipation
– high in antioxidants
– lowers blood pressure

– helps for varicose veins
– lowers blood pressure

– rich in folic acid
– prevents constipation
– high in vitamins (B6 prevents morning sicknesses)

– prevents heartburn
– lowers blood pressure

– rich in vitamin A C D K, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, sulphur
– good for kidneys (cleanses blood)
– eases leg cramps
– diminishes pregnancy pain
– prevents/reduces hemorrhoids
– nurtures and increases breast milk

– rich in folic acid
– prevents constipation


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