This is 2014 version- a little developed from last year that I made for COSMIC WONDER show in New York !  COSMIC WONDER RESTAURANT


Ingredients :  Japanese sweet rice, beets, wild mint, plantain seed, stevia leaf, honey and salt (adjust as you like) & edible flowers for decoration

*Italic letters are wild plants. You may be able to find them around too!


Directions :

Sweet rice is better to be soaked at least for a couple of hours with water of the same amount of  rice (this is 2 cups). Then cook the rice with fresh chopped beets! Beets give the rice very vivid red color and sweetness so that you will end up with adding less honey in the rice later.  And pound it for several min in the bowl/on the table.

 This is going to be the MOCHI


Pick lots of plantain seeds and wild mint. If you can’t find wild mint around you, then substitute with peppermint or spearmint leaves. Remove the plantain seeds from the stems, then roast in the pan until it gets completely dry and crunchy.

Plantain Seeds


P1130370 P1130371

Wild Mint


Fresh Stevia from the garden … VERY SWEET!   Roast some on the stove top as well


Roast, grind / mash them to small pieces and mix together. This is going to be the coating of MOCHI!

*** The reason why I use the roasted plantain seeds for mochi coating is that I discovered it tasted very similar to KINAKO (Japanese soy powder often coating sweet mochi) !  Nutty deep comfort..  Matches perfectly with mochi. 

Then, make mochi balls and coat with the leaves.

Put any edible flowers on you can find – dandelion, chicory, red clover, borage, shungiku(clown daisy)…




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