Lunar Infusion

It’s been a while since I posted last time.  I have had so much – probably the most remarkable time I’ve ever experienced in my life.
It was full moon last night.  So I decided to make a lunar infusion with these beautiful pink wild roses.

Imagination – Romance – Creativity – Power …

When it became dark, we saw the shining powerful circle in the bright sky.  There were many fireflies twinkling as fireworks which was like the most quiet fireworks to celebrate the July 4th.

I had a glass of Wild Rose Lunar Infusion this morning.

It was very clear.  It was present. It was safe. It was gentle and strong.


I also had a kind of intense moments during the day today- fun, sadness, love, weirdness, when I felt I needed to have some rest I just jumped out and got a cup of coffee and the chocolate muffin and put them in my mouth without tasting them… I realized it when I was almost finishing my muffin up. So I put that last bite of muffin on the table.

And I held my baby boy.  He was very tired and actually hungry. Oh sorry, yeah you have been so good, smiling, laughing, talking and being sweet with me.  As soon as he started eating my breast milk he fell asleep.

He was present as always. What a moment.

Moment, moment, moment, his moment goes on.

Thank you, I love you,

I live my life, like you do,

Still feeling the power of lunar infusion, or it’s your being.


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