13F Dandelion LIPBALM

All natural, mostly organic ingredients.  Very safe as you could eat!

Dandelion –  Higher in beta carotene than carrots, higher in iron and calcium than spinach. Vitamin B,C,E,P,D, and many more nutrients… let her protect your lips in this cold winter and under the sun!

White Pine – Lots of Vitamin C, great for dry skin and irritations.   ホワイトパイン — ビタミンC、乾燥やかゆみを抑えます

Self Heal – Vitamin C, works as an astringent, wounds and bruises.   セルフヒール — ビタミンC、肌をひきしめ傷やあざにも効果があります

Ingredients: white pine & self heal infused olive oil, pure shea butter, pure coconut oil, bees wax, vitamin E oil, essential oil.   Wild crafted white pine & self heal in Saugerties NY







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